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Teri Antti

Worship Leader, Jazz & Contemporary Piano, Teacher

    I was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1963 into a Jewish family originating from Russia and Poland. Music was always a part of my life as my parents were both pianists. My dad, jazz. My mom, classical. I started out in classical training but quickly moved into jazz. Maybe out of need but I'd get half way through a Chopin Prelude and couldn't help start to write a song based on the beautiful chords. Before long, I was composing a song about a recent trial in my life.

     I was blessed to have attended ISOMATA Jazz Camp and then Dick Grove School of Music working throughout at various hotels, benefits, and concert venues internationally as a solo pianist/vocalist. I toured in many different bands. Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Calgary, Japan, Mexico. I love musical theatre and have enjoyed more than anything else, being an accompanist to anything with kids!

     I always return to the solace and beauty of the acoustic piano and that is where I have landed presently. I perform widely for churches, weddings, funerals and children's projects as a director, accompanist and/ or soloist. I do have my

beloved musician colleagues who I look forward to playing with at any chance.

     I became a Christian in 1988. My life and music is largely dedicated to leading worship and directing children and women's ministry projects and events. I can still be found however in a jazz club playing or listening. Pat Methany, Lyle Mays, McCoy Tyner, George Shearing...Anything Latin. Anything with captivating movement. Everything by Hans Zimmer, Ravel and Chopin.

     As I see my third daughter go off to college and my youngest, fourth daughter learn her letters and numbers, I wonder what the rest of my years will be. I pray God will continue to open the doors for me to use my gifts in the greatest ways possible. To raise money, to bless a wedding, to provide comfort at a memorial, to bring the wonderful gift of children singing. To sing with women across the waters. Music is truly the universal language only second to love and I will be forever grateful to be a part of it.